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Pedicabo canes.

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The Vampire Diaries 6x03 Recap



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Either they should leave Steroline as a friendship or they should make it endgame. Anything in between will ruin something perfect.

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Are you kidding me? Are you fucking kidding me? I never thought I’d say this before, but Stefan is seriously pissing me off. If he’s going to be neglectful and distance, at least be damn consistent. But it seems Stefan has ONLY chose to isolate and ignore Caroline.

He’ll answer Alaric and…


the further we get into this season the less and less i want steroline…..

Anonymous asked: Hi :) Not trying to be mean or something but can please remove your Steroline wedding manips? These are Candice's weeding pic that she shared on twitter/insta for her friends and fans, no ship should trash this. please have respect. thank you



I can untag them from Steroline for sure, if people are all feeling weird about it! I just want to make it super clear here that it was in ZERO way a Candice/Paul manip. People manip pictures of the actors into pictures of the characters all the time, and these are public, so I figured having a bit of fun with them wasn’t ‘disrespectful’ unless I was tagging them as Candice and Paul and insinuating that the real marriage should’ve been between those two, which I don’t think at aaaaallll! Joe and Candice are fucking adorable. Stefan and Caroline are just characters, and my manip is just an imaginary picture of characters, and lbr, tumblr is a place for fandom craziness, so I figured it was all in good fun. I separate the shit out of fandom and real life. That said, Steroline tag, let me know what you think and I’m all ears: want me to take it down? I tend not to take this shit too seriously so if I’m underestimating how much it’s bothering y’all, I can fix that. 

Honestly it’s not a big deal


things elena would do/feel if bamon and/or steroline got together

  • jealous
  • a bit resentful
  • lonely
  • nostalgic
  • shocked
  • even a bit disapproving more likely and bamon’s case
  • need alone time
  • get more supportive
  • want the people she loves to be happy

things she wouldn’t do

  • end her friendship with the girls
  • try to kill them
  • let the jealousy destroy her
  • try to get them to break up
  • try to get the salvatores to cheat
Anonymous asked: in these 3 eps caroline was being really needy and a bit annoying. dont get me wrong i adore caroline i jus feel like they are changing her back to season 1 caroline. im not hating im just interested what you think about that



Why do people think season 1 (2) and season 3,4,5 Caroline are different people?

Honestly I never thought she changed, sure she became stronger and more confident, but she never changed…she still has her flaws and she still has her qualities

what did change is everything around her. in the beginning her mom was constantly working and didnt pay much attention to her, she always wanted guys that didnt want her, she was a best friend substitute.In her case that triggered a feeling of insecurity, feeling like shes not good enough. but then her mom finally accepted her, she was with a guy that wanted her (tyler) and she had a best friend she could count on (stefan) and that made her feel safe

right now she cant step foot to a place thats been her home for her whole life, she cant see her mom often,her best friend who she just happens to be in love with has “moved on” and is trying to erase her (at least from her point of view) and her other best friend is dead…that is bringing back the feeling of loneliness, but this time she is stronger…and what you think is her being needy and annoying is actually her fighting, even though she is breaking and she gets hurt everytime, she is still fighting for what is right and what she deserves

sorry this was a bit long i just wanted to tell you how i see it

Anonymous asked: do you ship bamon??????



I enjoy their scenes  soooooo much and I see potential in them, but… I dont think Elena will end up alone and since Steroline is my otp of otps…

I would love them together I just dont think I ship them 

if that makes any sense

 but you never know what the future holds


This is what the promo for TVD 6x04 looks like: Last episode Elena finds out Caroline likes (or liked) Stefan and this episode  what does Elena do? Go running back to Stefan. She’s that type of friend. Yuck. BTW Stefan is pissing me off. And I’m team Stefan.


when u ask ur mom for fast food and she says yes and asks what u want image

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I don’t want 10 years. I don’t want one year. I don’t want candy! I want to trade places with Dean.

The first time Sam offers himself to pay for the sins and mistakes of another.

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Jensen, referring to when he and Jared go to their trailers and sit down to hash things out so that they’re always on the same page, regarding mostly show-related issues but also personal issues (x)

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Family meetings happen probably what - once every two or three weeks…?
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